BCTR Revised Programme and Hashtag

The revised programme for BCTR2014 is below. If you haven’t let us know, please could you let John Lyons or James Crossley know if you intend coming along.

And, after much deliberation, it gives us great pride to be able to announce that the Twitter hashtag is…


Please tweet sensibly and responsibly

Bible, Critical Theory, and Reception Seminar (16-17th September, 2014) Programme
The Star & Dove, 75-78 St Luke’s Road, Totterdown, Bristol, BS3 4RY

10-10.40am Tiffany Webster, ‘Margaret Thatcher as God?! An Unexpected Reading of Genesis 11:1-9’

10.45-11.25am Fiona Black, ‘Block Books and Erotic Skins: The Song of Songs and the Embattled (Medieval) Reader’


11.50-12.30pm Jonathan Downing, ‘“Take Me Away!”: Prince, the Bible, and the End of the World as Sexual Liberation’

12.30-1.45pm Lunch (S); Dinner (N)

1.50-2.30pm Hugh Pyper, ‘The Bible in Moominland: Tove Jansson and the Deceptive Biblical Author’

2.40-3.20pm James Crossley, ‘Rudolf Rocker, Jewish Anarchists, and the English “Radical Bible”’


4-4.40pm Michael Sandford, ‘Reading the New Testament with a New Age Guru: Jesus and the “New Spirituality” of Eckhart Tolle’

4.50-5.30pm Sarah Hussell, ‘Good News for all? The Bible, Christianity and the Continuation of Domestic Abuse in 21st Century Britain’

9.30-10.10am Jonathan Cahana, ‘Unnatural Theology: Gnosticism, Radical Feminism, and the Frankfurt School’

10.20-11.00am Jo Carruthers, ‘Paul’s “As not”: Entanglements with Agamben, Calvin, Milton and Theories of Affect’


11.20-12noon Thomas E. Hunt, ‘A Christian Order of Books and the Silence of Zachariah in the Patristic Era’

12.05-12.45pm W.J. Lyons and Mike Gulliver, ‘Conceptualising the place of the Deaf in Ancient Israel: Suggestions from Deaf Studies’

12.45 onward Lunch (S); Dinner (N)


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  3. i don’t know if this is something you would be willing to pass on to the sacred assembly, but if you would, i’d be grateful. http://wp.me/pLvic-lzb

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