Nicky Morgan replaces Michael Gove but…the Bible remains

The breaking news this morning is that Michael Gove is leaving Education and will be replaced by Nicky Morgan. Those of you worried by less Bible in education (remember, Gove issued KJVs to English schools), stay calm. For Morgan, features in the Christians in Parliament videos/vimeos AND mentions the Bible:

“Rt Hon Nicky Morgan MP discusses how she became a Christian, why she got involved in politics and the difference that her faith makes to her work in Parliament.”

It seems to be the standard, vague stuff: ‘the church in public life’, ‘biblical framework’ to make the world a better place, and mention of Bible groups in Parliament. The Bible and Christians are nice and present nothing too alien or problematic. There is perhaps a hint of Thatcher’s Bible/Cameron’s Bible in her stress on non-state contributions to ‘public life’.

Worth noting too is Morgan’s opposition to same-sex marriage. In Parliament, the Bible was used to support same-sex marriage (Lammy, Perkins, Bottomley). It may be significant that she privitizes/individualizes her reason when it comes to Christianity (which is not featured strongly in her explanation as reported by the Leicester Mercury): “[it is] also tied in with my own Christian faith too.” Here any problematic intolerance is vaguely tucked away into the privatized realm of “matters of conscience” (as the report makes clear). It might not, after all, be politic to start quoting Leviticus 18.22 or Romans 1.18-32, or indeed that God or Paul or the Bible says so. “My own Christian faith” serves the needs better against the backdrop of socially liberal values.


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