Deadline: call for papers for Bible, Critical Theory and Reception seminar

The Bible, Critical Theory and Reception seminar
Bristol, 16-17th September, 2014

Reminder: the call for papers deadline for BCTR Bristol is 1st August. The general information is cut and pasted below but send in an abstract and title asap.

But this is also the year things start to get real because the location is the Star and Dove pub.

The Star and Dove nervously awaiting John Lyons’ assessment for BCTR, yesterday


The fourth annual seminar will be dedicated to some of the latest developments in biblical studies. Building on the success of the Bible and Critical Theory seminar and journal in the southern hemisphere, this approximate northern hemisphere equivalent will welcome papers in the general areas of critical theory, cultural studies and reception history.

Like many British pubs, The Star and Dove has a bar and a generous selection of beers

Reception history is broadly understood to include the use, influence and receptions of biblical texts in all aspects of culture (e.g. film, pop music, literature, politics etc.). This two-day seminar will be held in Bristol, 16-17th September, 2014. The seminar will be free of charge, though accommodation will have to be found privately. Further details (including confirmed speakers, times, locations, and accommodation tips) will be made available on the Sheffield Biblical Studies blog and the BCTRS Facebook page in due course.

Some of the beer at The Star and Dove is well fancy and even foreign. Perfect for dazzling fellow scholars and future employers with your impeccable taste.

Anyone interested in presenting a paper (typically in a 30 minute slot), or would like any other further information, should contact James Crossley and/or John Lyons.

Paper proposals should include a title and abstract (c. 250 words). Postgraduate students are warmly invited to offer paper proposals. The deadline for participation and call for papers is 1st August, 2014.


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