Biblical Studies Online podcasts: Reception and Tony Benn

Biblical Studies Online has started a podcast series on iTunes, details of which are available here. It will cover numerous areas in biblical studies and there will be interviews with biblical scholars. The first podcast is on reception history and biblical studies.

In the second podcast I discuss the late Tony Benn on religion and the Radical Bible. It’s about 15 mins long (for a much longer presentation on Benn, the Radical Bible, the Labour movement etc see here) and is now available on iTunes. Here is the outline: “In this podcast James Crossley (University of Sheffield) looks at the former Labour MP Tony Benn and his views on religion and the Bible. In particular, it looks at how Benn understood the Bible as part of a British and English socialist tradition.

Here is a short Channel 4 video of Tony Benn in which he summarises his views on Jesus and Christianity.


7 responses to “Biblical Studies Online podcasts: Reception and Tony Benn

  1. Reblogged this on Zwinglius Redivivus and commented:
    A podcast with Crossley. He has no beard, so he can be trusted.

  2. ‘The late Tony Benn’? The last I heard, Tony Benn was still pretty much alive.

  3. oops. I’m out of date. Tony Benn, a great Socialist and a great Teacher. RIP

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  5. Anyway to hear this on Android?

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