Bible, Critical Theory and Reception Seminar, University of Chester (12-13 September, 2013): The Official Programme

Here is the programme for the Bible, Critical Theory and Reception Seminar. Each participant has a 45 minute slot, including time for questions within the 45 minutes.

There have already been fierce disputes over the labelling of the 1-.2.30 food replenishment period (‘lunch’, according to those from Down South; ‘dinner’, according those from the North, or at least the North West). Expect more high-level debate from the following:

DAY ONE (Thursday 12 September)


David Shepherd, ‘Toying with the Ark: Melbourne Cooper’s Deluvian Dream and the Dawn of Biblical Animation’

Magnus Evertsson, ‘Bible Reception Where the Bible is Expected To Be Received:  Studying reception of Lucan Parables in contemporary Church of Sweden’

11.45-12.15:  Break


Sam Tongue, “Blas-for-me, Blas-for-you, Blas-for-everybody-in-the-room!” Laughing at the Bible as a “Sacred” Act

1-2.30:  Lunch (S); Dinner (N)


Chris Meredith, ‘Re-animated Corpus: Zombies, Judges and the Fall (and Rise) of the Magisterium’

3.15-3.45: Break


Sarah Hussell, ‘Sherwood’s Liberal Bible: A Model for Predicting the Appearance of the Bible in the Printed Press’

James Crossley, ‘Harnessing Chaos: Margaret Thatcher and the Bible after 1968’

DAY TWO  (Friday 13 September)


Katerina Koci and Martin Koci, ‘The Prophetic Role of Art in Biblical Hermeneutics: Between Tradition and Interruption’

Robert Evans, ‘“Wives, be Subject”: Contours of an Alternative Tradition’

10.45-11.15: Break


David Tollerton, ‘Jesus Loves Nukes’? Use of the Bible in Nuclear Ethics Guidance for Military Personnel

Michael Sandford, ‘Is Jesus Palestinian? Palestinian Christian Perspectives on Ethnicity, Judaism, and New Testament Scholarship’

12.45-2.15:  Lunch (S); Dinner (N)


Hugh Pyper, ‘Where is it written about the Magdalen?’ Biblical reading and critical theory in response to Berg’s ‘Wozzeck’

David Ford, ‘Reading the Bible in an Industrial Setting: A Case Study’



7 responses to “Bible, Critical Theory and Reception Seminar, University of Chester (12-13 September, 2013): The Official Programme

  1. Reblogged this on Zwinglius Redivivus and commented:
    It looks great. I wish I could go.

  2. Is repast too posh?

  3. Nice programme! Dinner for me, as long as we have High Tea later on. What’s the exact venue, by the way?

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