Relegere: Sheffield Edition

Almost…But it is now fair to say that Sheffield is the world’s leading centre of Life of Brian studies.

Cliffs as Crosses: The Problematic Symbology of Colin McCahon PDF
Zoe Alderton 5-35
Evolution and the Bible: The Hermeneutical Question PDF
Gregory W. Dawes 37-63
“For Such a Time as This”:Reading (and Becoming) Esther with Christians United for Israel PDF
Sean Durbin 65-90
The Bible: Utopian, Dystopian, or Neither? Or: Northrop Frye Meets Monty Python PDF
Philip Davies 91-107
Assured Lament: U2 Sing the Psalms PDF
Bill Goodman 109-32
Orientalist Camp: The Case of Allen Edwardes PDF
Roland Boer 133-51


An Immodest Proposal for Biblical Studies PDF
James G. Crossley 153-77

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