Social Scientific MA at Sheffield

From the Biblical Studies website:

MA in Social Scientific Biblical Studies

Recruiting now for September 2012 – full and part time routes available

We are now accepting applications for our exciting, new and unique MA programme in Social Scientific Biblical Studies.

The MA has been developed by experts in the interface between biblical studies and social sciences at the University of Sheffield to answer the growing need for bespoke training for those who wish to make the most informed and effective use of the social sciences in their historical and exegetical work and in understanding the legacy of the Bible in contemporary societies and cultures.

Students will take four core modules, one optional module and write a dissertation. In core modules, students will apply sociological, anthropological and social psychological perspectives to substantive topics relating to the Hebrew Bible, the New Testament and the Dead Sea Scrolls. Students will be trained in the history of sociological thought, with special attention paid to the life, work and legacy of Max Weber, and in the use of qualitative and ethnographic method. These methods are utilised in the sociological analysis of the role of the Bible in contemporary societies and cultures, including European, North American, African, Asian and Oceanic contexts. A range of other module options are available including, Biblical Languages, Issues in Cultural Studies, Religion in an Age of Terror, Religion and Violence, The Bible and the Arts, and The Bible and The Postcolonial World.

Students will prepare a dissertation under the close supervision of their tutor and may elect to concentrate on either historical or contemporary cultural or ethnographic work.




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