Latest Bible and Critical Theory

Again, no commentary intended, it just so happened to come out today and I suppose has obvious relevance…anyway, here is the latest edition of the Bible and Critical Theory [7.2] (HT: Roland Boer), with articles from the ‘Religion and Political Thought’ conference held in Copenhagen, September 2010:

Editorial: Biblical Politics
Roland Boer

The Place of Religion in the Iconography of Democracy and the Politics/Aesthetics of ‘Representation’ (Race/Religion/Sex)
Yvonne Sherwood

The Multicultural Christ: Jesus the Jew and the New Perspective on Paul in an Age of Neoliberalism
James Crossley

Becoming Whosoever: Reexamining Pauline Universalism
Mika Ojakangas

Paul’s Uncertain Transitions
Roland Boer

Knowledge, Information and Power in the ‘Biblical’ Sense: The Story of King Saul
Milena Kirova

Toward a Radical Naturalistic and Humanistic Interpretation of the Abrahamic Religions: In Search for the Wholly Other than the Horror and Terror of Nature and History
Rudolf Siebert

Book Reviews

Review of Daniel Langton, The Apostle Paul in the Jewish Imagination: A Study in Modern Jewish-Christian Relations
Jay Twomey

Review of Colin Davis, Critical Excess: Overreading in Derrida, Deleuze, Levinas, Žižek and Cavell
Christine Mitchell

Review of Daniel Bodi, The Demise of the Warlord: A New Look at the David Story
Peter D. Miscall

Review of Tim Frank, Daughter of Lachish
Judith McKinlay

Review of Ovidiu Creangă, ed. Men and Masculinity in the Hebrew Bible and Beyond
Milena Kirova

Review of Keith Bodner, 1 Samuel: A Narrative Commentary
Benjamin J.M. Johnson

Review of Gail P. C. Streete, Redeemed Bodies: Women Martyrs in Early Christianity
Philip Michael Forness

Review of Warren Carter, John and Empire: Initial Explorations
Coleman A. Baker


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  1. your essay is pretty good. 😉

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