Bible, Critical Theory and Reception Seminar

This isn’t a commentary on the previous post or recent discussions, just posting because it is now close… Here is an overview of the Bible, Critical Theory and Reception Seminar next week:

The Bible, Critical Theory and Reception Seminar

University of Sheffield, 14-15 September, 2011

This seminar will be dedicated to some of the latest developments in biblical studies. Building on the success of the Bible and Critical Theory seminar and journal in the southern hemisphere, this approximate northern hemisphere equivalent will welcome papers in the general areas of critical theory, cultural studies and reception history. Reception history will be broadly understood to include the use, influence and receptions of biblical texts in all aspects of culture (e.g. film, pop music, literature, politics etc).

The morning papers will be held in room B.09, Department of Biblical Studies (45 Victoria Street, S3 7QB)

Afternoon papers will be held in the Devonshire Cat pub (Wellington Street
Devonshire Green, Sheffield, S1 4HG;

14 September

10.30am Arrive at the Department of Biblical Studies, Room B.09

10.45-11 Introduction

11-12 Bill Goodman, ‘Assured Lament: U2 Sing the Psalms’

12-1pm Devonshire Cat: eat, drink and afternoon papers

1-2 John Lyons ‘What would John Calvin have done? The Parliamentarian shedding of Royalist blood in the English Civil War (1642-51)’

2.15-3.15 James Crossley, ‘I Explain a Riot! New Testament Scholars Discuss Structure and Agency in an Age of Neoliberalism’

3.30-4.30 Ward Blanton, ‘Paul among the Philosophers of Difference: Deleuzean Time-Image Meets Pauline Delay of the Parousia

15 September

10-11am (Department of Biblical Studies) Katie Edwards, ‘The Messiah Wears Prada: The Functions of Jesus Imagery in Contemporary Advertising’

11-12 Hugh Pyper, ‘Not Queer Enough? The Reception of Ruth and the Politics of Identity (or “Boaz’s Boyfriends”)’

12-1pm Devonshire Cat: eat, drink and afternoon paper

1-2 Iona Hine, ‘Unexpected visions of Naomi-Ruth’

2.15-3.15 Johanna Stiebert, ‘Text vs Reception: Laban as Father’

3.30-4.30 Sam Tongue, ‘Reading in the Space of Literature: Reception Histories, Interdisciplinarity, and the Anguish of Writing’


6 responses to “Bible, Critical Theory and Reception Seminar

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  2. What a great line-up! If only we could have been there to see Dr Crossley deliver a paper after spending 2 1/4 hours in a pub!!

  3. Crossley is a true soldier in that respect: have seen him perform on a number of occasions in that fashion. Complete disregard for those who succumb to the effects of the demon drink

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  5. It is all those “I really love you”‘s we really need to worry about!

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