Murdoch, Blair and Baptism

We’ve covered biblical studies, Murdoch/phone hacking/closeness to politicians and Blair. Now these topics all come together. From the Guardian:

It was a relationship that began in political controversy but progressed to a secret family union: Tony Blair, it was revealed , is godfather to Rupert Murdoch’s nine-year-old daughter, Grace, the second youngest of his six children.

In a culmination of 15 years of political intimacy, the former Labour prime minister was present at the star-studded baptism of the child on the banks of the Jordan, at the spot where Jesus is said to have undergone the same ceremony, according to an article in Vogue magazine.

With the Murdochs and their children dressed in white – and present at the invitation of Queen Rania of Jordan – the event was photographed in Hello! magazine, complete with an ethereal front cover image of a smiling Murdoch in an open-necked shirt.

But no mention was made of Blair’s participation, which was revealed only in a rare interview by Murdoch’s wife, Wendi Deng, in a forthcoming edition of Vogue.

To take that old hypothetical scenario, I wonder what would happen if someone finds the brief report above 2000 years from now…


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