First edition of Relegere: Sheffield contributes

The first edition of Relegere: Studies in Religion and Reception is now available. Whilst not wanting to steal the thunder from the Dunedin school who founded this potentially groundbreaking journal and did all the hard work, it is obviously even more important to point out that there are, naturally, Sheffield contributions (Crossley, Davies) and one by a Sheffield old boy (Harding). Here is the Table of Contents for the first edition:

Editorial: Beyond Christianity, the Bible, and the Text: Urgent Tasks and New Orientations

Mark Dennis, Rethinking Premodern Japanese Buddhist Texts: A Case Study of Prince Shōtoku’s “Sangyō-gisho”James E. Harding, David and Jonathan between Athens and Jerusalem

James Crossley, Life of Brian or Life of Jesus? Uses of Critical Biblical Scholarship and Non-orthodox Views of Jesus in Monty Python’s Life of Brian

Gitte Buch-Hansen, Lars von Trier’s Antichrist, the Bible, and Docetic Masculinity


Philip R. Davies, Reading the Bible Intelligently

The journal is open access, free etc.


4 responses to “First edition of Relegere: Sheffield contributes

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  2. Albert Dairyman

    Ja – a very exciting journal, to be sure! But this business of what you see in the Life of Brian, is it not all a bit like looking down a deep well and seeing a hamster dancing with a halibut, perhaps? You see what I mean.

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