Sheffield KJV Exhibition and DVD

As has been mentioned, the exhibition developed in the Department of Biblical Studies, Telling Tales of King James’ Bible: 1611-2011, is ongoing this year (for the first images see here). From May-June (and again in October), it will be shown in Sheffield Cathedral. But if you aren’t in the Sheffield area there are plenty of alternatives. For locations and dates of the exhibition around the country again see here.

And in related news, the exhibition materials plus added bonuses are now available:

Telling Tales: General Edition

The DVD-Rom is now available for advance order, priced £12.
This includes free delivery within the UK

The General Edition includes:

  • EXHIBITION MATERIALS: 12 print-ready panel designs telling the story of King James’ Bible from its origins to its contemporary impact (plus a child-friendly supplement);
  • ADDITIONAL INFORMATION (topical ‘find-out-more’, glossary, Who’s Who);
  • EDUCATION: Teaching materials and the Adult study guide (also available to download free from this web site);
  • PLUS: The UnAuthorized Version 2.0, an interactive companion to the exhibition including audio-narration.

For full details see here.


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