Latest BibInt: Mid-Life Crisis Special Edition!

The following (obviously very good) essays in the latest Biblical Interpretation were written by grown men:

‘What These Cryptic Symbols Mean’: Quotation, Allusion, and John Darnielle’s Biblical Interpretation
pp. 109-128(20)
Author: Adam, A.K.M.

A Tale of Two Cities: San Francisco and “Gomorrah” in Biblical Allusion and Unestimated Prophecy
pp. 129-150(22)
Author: Blackwell, J. Mark

For EveryManc a Religion: Biblical and Religious Language in the Manchester Music Scene, 1976-1994
pp. 151-180(30)
Author: Crossley, James G.

Drawing Our Fish in the Sand: Secret Biblical Allusions in the Music of U2
pp. 181-222(42)
Author: Galbraith, Deane

The Biblical Man in Black: Paul in Johnny Cash/Johnny Cash in Paul
pp. 223-252(30)
Author: Twomey, Jay


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