Sheffield Biblical Studies research seminars

Forthcoming (and one past) Sheffield Biblical Studies seminars

Feb 7
Dr Mark Finney, University of Sheffield
The Curious Case of BenjaminSeed: Resurrection & Christophany in Pauline Perspective.

Feb 14 Postgraduate Presentations
– Lalfakzuala: Land Ownership case in Micah 2:1-2 and Isaiah 5:8-10: A New Perspective
– Michael Sandford: Attitudes towards Poverty, Wealth and Social Change in the New Testament World
– Michael Kok: From Paul´s Fellow Worker to Peter´s Son: the function of Mark in 1 Peter

Feb 21
Professor George Brooke, University of Manchester
The Silent God, the Abused Mother, and the Self-Justifying Sons: A Psycho-Dynamic Reading of Scriptural Interpretation in the Scrolls from Qumran

Feb 28
Dr Diana Edelman, University of Sheffield
Who was the Intended Authorial Audience of Genesis?

Mar 7
Dr Edward Adams, King’s College, London

Mar 14 Postgraduate Presentations
– Tsutomu Mizutani: Paul and Conflictual Relations in Corinth: Culture and Identity in 2 Cor 10-13

Mar 21
Professor David Parker, University of Birmingham

Mar 28 Postgraduate Presentations
– Iona Hine: Ruth

May 9
Dr Caroline vander Stichele, University of Amsterdam

May 16 Postgraduate Presentations (MA)
– Hannah Welch
– Michelle Farmer
– Reid Humble


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