New journal for Pauline studies

As has been announced, there is a new Eisenbrauns journal on Paul edited by Michael Bird:  Journal for the Study of Paul and His Letters. Encouraged contributions include:

  • Pauline chronology and biography
  • The Pauline corpus, including its collection and textual transmission
  • The historical, cultural, literary, and social context of Paul and the Pauline writings
  • Diverse perspectives, such as post-colonial interpretation and critical theory
  • Studies in Pauline theology and theological interpretation of Paul’s letters
  • The reception of Paul in the early church
  • Studies in the history of Pauline research
  • The relation of Pauline texts to practical theology
  • Essay-length reviews of significant new publications in Pauline studies
  • Issues dedicated to particular themes

3 responses to “New journal for Pauline studies

  1. Do you have an opinion on what Paul meant when he said that he was “stoned”?

    • WoundedEgo, I think it is probably a reference to Paul actually having survived an attempted stoning by a mob. At least that is how the author of Acts seems to have taken it (Acts 14:19). Perhaps that could be an article in the making on this?

  2. Thanks for the plug! We always appreciate the exposure. Please note that your link is a temporary one that will expire soon; the permanent link is


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