Conference announcement

Biblical Literacy and the Curriculum, University of Sheffield, 25-28 May 2011. Main speakers include Andrew Motion, Gordon Campbell, Frank Field, and Yvonne Sherwood.

Here are some snippets of what is happening:

A conference for educators, teachers, lecturers and researchers

The world’s best-selling book, the Bible has had a huge impact on fields as diverse as history, politics, philosophy, and art. Novels, poetry, and music have all been inspired by, and drawn on, the rich legacy of the Bible. No translation has had such great influence as the King James or Authorized Version. In the words of one prominent intellectual, “not to know the King James Bible, is to be in some small way, barbarian” (Richard Dawkins, interview with the 2011 Trust). Yet it is one thing to acknowledge the place of the Bible in shaping our culture, and quite another to tackle the growing ignorance of its contents. 400 years on from the King James Bible, this conference aims to address a particular and timely question: “What is the role of the Bible in today’s classroom?”

The conference will bring together academics and teachers from a wide range of disciplines – history, English, art history, philosophy, and journalism, for example – to discuss why learners need to know the Bible to understand their particular discipline, what they need to know and how best they can be introduced to it.

To facilitate the exchange, we invite delegates from any field to share their experience, ideas and research. The opportunities available include:

  • A showcase for teaching materials (display or demonstration).
  • Facilitating an interactive workshop or seminar.
  • Presenting a discussion paper

Parallel sessions
These will range from short 30-minute interactive sessions, to interactive workshops or discussion papers of 60 or 75 minutes.

If you would like to submit a paper or other item for consideration, please use the form provided. Abstracts should be sent to the project team not later than 28 December 2010.

Lots more information is to be found here.


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