Milbank on religiosity v secularity…and erotic dancing

The British theologian John Milbank has had plenty of things to say on that presently popular debate in biblical studies, namely secular v religion/faith. As far as I am aware, no one has tried to look at it from this angle:

[In Britain] you have got an excess of alcohol, rather crude and joyless, essentially private, unskilful and unharmonious forms of dancing. By contrast, here at the conference we had Flamenco dancers performing last night after dinner, and I was thinking to myself: this is sexy beyond anything we can now imagine. Why is it genuinely erotic? Because it is also metaphysical, because it is not just sexy, it is connecting us to the cosmos, both in its anguish and its ecstasy. This is real religiosity…Secular culture is banal.

John Milbank in L. Felipe Pondé, ‘An Interview with John Milbank and Conor Cunningham’, in C. Cunningham and P.M. Chandler (eds.), Belief and Metaphysics (London: SCM, 2007), pp. 501-527 (510).

This interview appears to have been set in Granada so by way of celebrating the contrast between British and Spanish dancing, spiritual depth and metaphysics we give you these Spanish treats:


6 responses to “Milbank on religiosity v secularity…and erotic dancing

  1. This combines the worst stereotypes about Spain with the worst stereotypes about the English in Spain. What an utter clown he is.

  2. (Red and) Black Shuck

    Some rather elderly theologians find anything that moves potentially erotic. Dancing and alcohol might just be enough to make him imgaine he is in with a chance.

  3. oh really anon? Can you name a few?

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