Jim West on minimalism

Jim West has his latest article for Bible and Interpretation: ‘A (Very, Very) Short History of Minimalism: From The Chronicler to the Present’. It is a classic piece of Westianism. While we would never enter into a confrontation with West without being fully prepared, we do think there is one unfortunate implication:

Paul the Apostle may not have gone to Copenhagen or Sheffield to learn theology

We would beg to differ. Other than that, a must read for any minimalist or maximalist, and all points in-between.


4 responses to “Jim West on minimalism

  1. you’re excessively kind. but- had paul gone to sheffield, i would have to concede that joseph of arimathea made the trip with him and dropped off the holy grail…

  2. Now the Joseph version would be going too far…

  3. oh that’s what it was. I wondered what it was when I saw it there. My my – so Paul went to Sheffield…

  4. Actually this is a comment so I can subscribe…. click

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