From King James to Peter Ruckman

2011 will mark the 400th anniversary of the King James Bible. We will be running some big events involving Sheffield Biblical Studies, including a conference and a series of exhibitions, particularly in English cathedrals (see side links). The story of the origins of the KJV is all very interesting and the ways in which basic phrases from the KJV have entered the English language, and are used by people who have no idea of the Bible, is likewise very interesting. But none of this can top the baptist preacher (sorry Jim) Peter Ruckman‘s use of the KJV (see also Wikipedia – again, sorry Jim) as another great revelation and his possibly related views on aliens, the CIA and race. There is, naturally, an anti-Ruckmanism website. Actually, there are a few.


2 responses to “From King James to Peter Ruckman

  1. sigh. why are so many of the loons baptists?

  2. It is not to compensate for all the good radiating out of Petros?

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