Book notice: Coomber, Re-Reading the Prophets

Matthew Coomber, a recent PhD student, has had his book, Re-Reading the Prophets through Corporate Globalization, published by Gorgias, and endorsed by all your favourite biblical scholars. Here is the summary:

Matthew J.M. Coomber, Re-Reading the Prophets through Corporate Globalization: A Cultural-Evolutionary Approach to Economic Injustice in the Hebrew Bible (Gorgias, 2010)

While prophetic texts attributed to eighth-century Judah offer some of the Bible’s most scathing attacks against economic exploitation, their socio-economic contexts remain hidden. Theories as to motivations, societal consequences, and even the identities of the perpetrators and victims of these acts are largely speculative. Re-Reading the Prophets through Corporate Globalization offers a fresh approach to understanding these ancient texts.

Corporate Globalization is the most recent cycle in an ancient series of large-scale trade systems, often resulting in cultural-evolutionary patterns that lead to land consolidation and unequal wealth distribution. Building upon Marvin Chaney’s and D.N. Premnath’s theory that prophetic complaints against landownership abuse reflect such a shift during Judah’s absorption into the Assyrian trade-nexus, this book explores the interpretive value of the presence of these patterns in corporate globalization. While the current economic system is vastly different from its Iron Age counterpart, the wounds that it inflicts appear to be similar, allowing for new questions and meaning to be drawn from biblical texts that have been reluctant to give up their secrets.

Curiously, it also recommends that we buy the book with Bird and Pahl’s, The Sacred Text.


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  1. must be some computer generated ‘buy with’ think like amazon has.

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